Fall Favorite Polishes - Nudes/Browns/Golds

Disclosure - Personal Purchases and PR Samples

And we're back with the last installment of my favorite fall polishes. Originally I was going to make this two separate posts of nudes and then browns and golds, but some nudes are so dark they qualify as brown and then it was just a slippery slope from there and I figured...one and done.
Nudes seem to get more and more popular every year whether its in polish, makeup or fashion...so this will be a heavy post - let's get in!

OPI - Did You Ear About Van Gogh? This is a light dirty nude and I swear..OPI knows how to do nude polish, there are quite a few in this category!

Elevation Limestone, a gorgeous off white cream full of coppery glitters.

Triple 7 A Dustland Fairytale. This is a really unique shade of nudish brown with holo shimmers that almost reflect slightly green.

Cult Nails Let's Get Dirty - I've been gone awhile but I guess Cult Nails is no more? That's a shame, she made some fantastic polishes, and I'm certainly happy I still have a few to hang on to.  Let's Get Dirty is a stunning beige with silvery shimmer.

OPI - I Sao Paulo Over There. These purple toned nudes are my favorites, I have about 10 of this color in varying levels of light to dark but this one is my fave for sure.

Catrice Oh My Goldness, such an in your face almost neon gold shimmer/foil.

Manglaze Santorum - a matte brown that is pretty unassuming on its own but you slip a little top coat in there and wow...such personality.

OPI Icebergers & Fries, that super popular caramel shade we all seem to crave right now, I want this shade in everything...makeup, clothing, furniture!

Emily de Molly Hardware (over OPI Icebergers & Fries) - Round holo gold glitters and smaller gold glitters in a clear base. This is so rich looking over just about any color polish.

OPI What Wizardry Is This?
Still my favorite textured polish.  I left this in its natural state but she is a KNOCKOUT with top coat. Trust me.

CrowsToes Heartshaped Box of Horse S*#t (over OPI What Wizardry is This?) - It might be becoming obvious I have an obsession with gold glitter toppers...this one is full of all the autumn shades of glitter you could crave...gold, brown, copper, red, it flashes all of that warmth!

Ninja Polish 100% Colombian - a shimmery chromatic that flashes brown to red to green and was impossible for me to capture in all of its glory.

I'm hoping to get some actual nail ART posts up soon, sadly when I moved I accidentally left every single nail art thing I owned (including well over 150 stamping plates)...so I'm trying to slowly build my collection back up...I'm hoping to get a few Halloween posts up before Halloween but I think I might be reaching!  We will see!

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  1. I am forever on a quest to find the perfect nude nail polish for my skin tone and I think you included a few great options for me to try in this post. Thank you for the round up and great post!

    1. Also, I'm a new reader of your blog. I'm glad to find another nail polish addict that also shares some life and lifestyle on the blog. I totally checked your au gratin recipe...yum! You definitely have a new fan over here.

    2. Absolutely - I hope you have some good luck!!

    3. And thank you so much!! It's so good to meet you, hoping for many lovely interactions in our future!

  2. OPI What Wizardry is This is one of my all time favourite polishes. Great to see it on your list.

  3. Mine too! OPI did some amazing stuff when they released all of those liquid sand polishes, I still have quite a few.


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