Spider Gradient - Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!
I had the best intentions of posting a few nail arts before today but honestly...I'm so rusty.
Ever have those days where you have the time, you sit down and nothing works out?
That was me this weekend.
Ideas flowing, polishes laid out...
I did 7 manicures and only 2 were salvageable.
During this time I managed to spill a cup of water all over me during a failed watermarble attempt and also drop and break a full brand new bottle of Poshe on my tile floor.  It was THAT kind of a day.
And even the manicures that did work out, ugh...the pics.  I really need a lightbox, I'm currently shooting under one small led lamp and the glare is just too much sometimes.  But we will get there guys, baby steps.

So...I have this lone little mani I did that survived the trials of Saturday.
I started with a base of China Glaze Accent Piece and then I gradiated all over her with Powder Perfect Why is the Rum Always Gone? and finished off with a lil spider and his web.
Super basic I know...its been a long time since I handled a paintbrush and without my stamping plates I'm feeling very inferior!

Be safe out there my little trick 'r treaters!

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