Subscription Spotlight - BarkBox October 2017

Disclosure - Personal Purchases

It's only fair that if mommy gets Boxycharm and daddy gets a tshirt box each month, Lexi should get one, too.  My favorite part of BarkBox is how well the toys are made.  Let's just say we've been getting her this box for the last three months since we brought her home and her BB toys are ALL still around AND intact for the most part.  Don't get me started on the AT-AT toy I bought her at Petco last week that didn't even last 3 minutes. Minutes...not hours.

Ok, I knew the Halloween box would be adorable but the theme was downright amazing...Household Horrors.

So in our box we got 2 bags of treats, a stick treat and 2 toys.

Rain of Terror. I didn't even realize until Lexi tore him open that he is velcroed in the back and holds two little stuffed with a scared face and one with a meh face.  It is so stinking cute.  

And Rocket Monster. This is her absolute favorite.  See the's all things dogs are scared of...thunderstorms, firecrackers...they also had other options you could have gotten in the box like a stuffed vacuum called Count Vacuula or a stuffed hair dryer called Scare Dryer.  So genius.

My dog is super picky about treats, she doesn't really like any of them. So this part is always a bit wasteful but we just donate them to the adoption farm where we adopted Lexi. She did like the stick and she is kind of into the Zombie Crunch, but no go on the Bacon treats at all.

I love when we open it up and she gets to see what's inside.

Already ripped the little raindrop toys out of the cloud and is half snuggling half terrorizing them.

See? She loves this thing so much. It's kind of the cutest.


This month they gave us a bunch of coupons for free boxes when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month plan (new subscribers only).  So if anyone is interested I will leave them here, they are all unique codes but I have 6 to give out.


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  1. This looks like a great box! Kylo destroys pretty much every toy we give her and fairly quickly most of the time. At the moment we only get her Loot Pets and to be honest, they have really gone downhill this year, this might be a great option for us to go for instead.

    1. Ok, first of all I love your dogs name!
      I was looking at the Loot Pets option recently but yeah, I dunno...something about it just didn't scream at me even though I love the idea. These toys seem pretty well made, they've all outlasted any other toy we've purchased locally.

    2. Thanks, although I originally wanted to call her Sega just so when we were out I could call her back by shouting SAY-GAAAAAA but no one else in the family wanted to get in on that.

      I personally wouldn't recommend Loot Pets to anyone right now. Don't get me wrong, I love Loot Crate and their Pets crate used to be so good but then they dropped the price and it seemed like they just didn't care anymore, since then it has been really up and down.

      The postage to the UK is the only thing that gets me with the Bark Box.

    3. Yeah for some reason the concept looks awesome for LP but when I looked I just didn't like the options, I prefer just toys and anything else I can find on my own. I imagine thr shipping must be alot for BarkBox, but hey at least you get the option to receive it there!


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