Subscription Spotlight - Boxycharm September 2017

Disclosure - Personal Purchase

I've been a subscriber of Boxycharm for about a year now.  I love every single box, I find the value of this subscription box to be superior to anything else out there. In fact, this is the first month I've gotten a "deluxe sample" ever, and because we got an extra item this month, I just consider that sample to be the extra.

So lets crack into what came in this months box...every month it seems like they keep adding bigger and bigger brands to the service and this is the first month they've offered a MAC product...which I may have been thrilled about a few years ago, but these days...MAC is just not the "it" brand it used to be. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I received the MAC Brow Pencil in Lingering. Don't love this. I find it barely pigmented on top of the fact that the color is just much lighter than I like for my brows. Not the products fault there, but I just don't care for the formula/pigmentation here whatsoever. NYX, Milani and L'Oreal make far superior skinny brow pencils. But still...the value alone for this pencil is almost the price of the box.

In this months box there were chances of getting either a set of eye brushes or this face brush from Bare Minerals. I was hoping for this brush and I'm stoked I got it. I wasn't sure if I'd like it and honestly I didn't really NEED another brush in any category but I'm obviously a hoarder so I kind of did need it.  I love this brush! I mean seriously...this has taken the place of any other foundation brush OR sponge I was using. In fact, I've only reached for a sponge if I need to powder or bake my contour. I normally would clean the brush before taking a pic, but I love this thing so much that it will always be either very used or cleaned to be used again.  It has a tiny indent in the center where the hairs are cut shorter, its like a well to pump your foundation into. It does leave streaks but its just the right size to kind of stipple those out.  I cant even pinpoint why I like this so much but I'm very pleased.

Studio Makeup Luminous Loose Blush. Meh.  This is a nice sort of dark peachy nude with a definite luminescence. Its ok...nothing special colorwise and the loose factor just makes it a bit of a hassle.  But I mean, its nice.

Pur Cosmetics again in Boxycharm. I really like this brand alot so no complaints here.  This is a 12 pan shadow palette, neutral warm, 2/3 matte, 1/3 shimmer.  Gorgeous cardboard packaging mimics marble with rose gold lettering/accents.  Fantastic presentation, great mirror inside but...the shadows are the real star.

This palette gives me real hard Shade and Light vibes.  Especially now that the S&L Glimmer palette is out. Its sort of a mashup of both. Lots of light shades for transitions and highlighting the brow. Nice medium and dark shades and stunning shimmer shades. They're all nicely pigmented, I have two absolute favorites in this palette I use just about every time I open it up.  The shimmer shades on the bottom row are GORGEOUS when applied with fingers.

Top Row

Middle Row (Snazzy is a gorgeous red brown matte and my top pick in this palette)

Bottom Row (Twinkle is my 2nd fave)

There was also another Colourpop Ultra Satin in this months box. I love these, so I'm always excited to see them in the box, formula is nice, not too drying, long lasting.  The shade I got was called Mess Around.

And the swatch of Colourpop Mess Around.  Not sure if I'll ever wear this, I'm not a brown lip girl, but you never know!

And lastly, Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair Mask. I actually colored my hair a few days after getting my box so I put this to work and I really like it. This is like the 3rd Briogeo item I've gotten in a Boxycharm and I always really like them.

So that's it!  I've already seen some spoilers for the October Box and OMG I cannot wait.  Seriously, If you love makeup and beauty items this is the box for you.  If you are interested in subscribing, the box is $21 a month in the US, I do have a referral link, I just get some fairly useless "shop charms" if you use the link/code:

I do apologize for the lackluster photography. I need to get my lightbox and camera settings tuned back in, so please bear with.

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  1. I never try Pur Cosmetics yet, but sounds a great one, love all the shades :)

    1. Pur makes one of my favorite highlights called Afterglow, as well as some nice twist up gel blushes. But this palette is really nice for anything from work to parties to weddings, etc. Normally these sorts of palettes bore me because I really have more than I need of neutral palettes, however this is just different enough to make it amazing.


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