Fall Flakies

Disclosure - Personal Purchases

Man, getting this mani up today was brutal.
I had a three day weekend and I had so many plans to do nails and clean and let me just say, instead I spent all three days in bed with a pulled back muscle on top of cramps. But hey, that's all water under the bridge now so let's get to paddling into something less mopey.

I thought the idea of Hard Candy Scam (a purple to red duochrome) with Pure Ice It's Alive (red/orange flakies) would look really cool. And it did, but the stamping totally covered up it's awesomeness...granted it makes a cool background, but it's definitely a combo I want to revisit and show on its own.

What we've got here is that base combo and then I stamped a leaf design over it with P2 Bronze Cut. Fantastic polish for stamping!

The design is from Born Pretty plate BP-L078

Mani is topped with Out the Door, and so am I!

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