Subscription Spotlight: BarkBox November 2017

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It's BarkBox time again!
Let's see how Lexi sized it up this month.

I thought this month would be a bit more Thanksgiving themed but really only the treats were, and barely so.   The outer wrapping/comic was adorable as per usual.

Looks promising!

First thing out of the box is a recipe to make your own mini donut dog treats.

We get one of these chew treats every month and Lexi loves them, its the only edible item in the box she actually ever messes with.  She went right for this, however we had to take it shortly after because it cut her gums. cute? So cute.  I died a little when I pulled this out of the box. It even has a spiky ball inside, with a very muted squeaker.  So far, this toy is still intact.

Oh my god. So cute. This is Lexi's second hedgie, the first one we got her is still somewhat in one piece and its one of her favorites.  I knew this one would be an issue though because of the gloves, hat and scarf and I was right. Though oddly none of those three were the hedgies downfall, his nose was.  The squeaker on this toy is OBNOXIOUSLY loud.

These smell heavenly, like an apple pie cookie, but of course she wants no part of these.

Cute little soft chew treats in small pie piece shapes. She still didn't care.

What's in the boxxxxxxx?

She so loved this chew, she couldn't have it long because it made her bleed, but we will try again in a couple days.

This was before she ripped his nose off.

I swear her smile is the best thing ever, you should see the one she gets when we come home from work, it is priceless.

You would really think the acorn toy was the winner here, but actually she has barely left the hedgehog alone.  Another win BarkBox!

If you have a dog, I highly recommend BarkBox, you get a little mix of everything, not just all toys or all edibles.

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  1. gah! She's adorable! I really wanted to try Bark Box in place of Loot Pets because they are ending it but unfortunately Bark Box don't post to the UK. Hopefully they will soon. Great post!


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