Subscription Spotlight - Boxycharm November 2017

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It's Boxy time!
Ya'll know I love the Boxycharm.  I was less than thrilled about this months box but unlike some subscriptions, this one you can't skip without going on a waitlist, and Boxycharm is too good to get stuck on a waitlist and possibly miss a box, so I just said oh well and let it ride.  Hopefully the stuff in this months box will excite me when I use it.

This month's "theme" is Sweater Weather. A few of the products are meant for hydration or are colors meant for the current season so at least I see some cohesion this month.

 $120 Value on this months box.

First up is the Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray. This product gets a lot of hype on YouTube, so it was probably the thing I was most excited about. Granted I don't need hydration or illumination but I did see my girl Nicki use it before AND after her makeup and it looked REALLY good (ps - follow her on YT she's freakin hilarious - BeautyJunki101). I tried that and I won't lie, it was frickin awesome.  I used it in conjunction with Maybelline Matte & Poreless, which never gives me many issues as it is, but it definitely took it to a new level. I need to try it with a problematic foundation next, either way, I'm totally sold on using the spray before AND after makeup now. Side note...the mist on this is SO fine you don't feel it. You don't. Be careful of you'll use half the bottle wondering if its coming out. - Retail Price $31

Luxie Travel Eye Brush Set.  I do like the Luxie brushes I've gotten in previous boxes.  I like these because even though the handles are short, the length of the brush hairs are compact...all of the previous brushes I have from this brand the brush hair lengths are really long and floppy.  But these do look promising and I'll be trying them out in my natural brush rotation. - Retail Price - $32

KNC Beauty collagen lip masks. Set of 3. I have not heard anything positive about these but I think I might try them sandwiched between a lip scrub and my Laneige lip sleeping mask to see if they do anything special.  - Retail Price $15.00

Laqa & Co Cloud Lips in Sunshower. Pretty red.  Looks like it will probably make a nice stain, and even though I love to buy red lipsticks, I never wear them because I hate babysitting my lip color. But I will give this a try maybe on a day off.  note that I did the swatch of this (down below) on a Wednesday, and on Saturday morning it was STILL noticeable on my wrist.  - Retail Price $15.00

Winkylux X Boxycharm Kitten Palette.  This really didn't wow me in pictures or videos I saw but in person it's decent. The shimmer shades swatch really nice, the mattes seem average.  I tried this the other day, did a bit of a warm look with the entire top row, the burgundy in the middle bottom row and the dark brown next to it and it actually was pretty awesome. I was trying to sorta recreate what I thought a look using the new She's in Parties Melt Stack might be like and honestly I liked the result so much I may skip the stack now, that top row pink shimmer is gorgeous on the inner corner.  The shimmers are stunning and the matte colors are more pigmented on a brush than you would think after you have finger swatched them, pleasantly surprised with this one.  - Retail Price $25.00

What did you think of this months Boxycharm?
Favorite item?

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