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Hey guys!!!
It's my birthday!!!
I never really dig my birthday, and even despite the mad rush of working retail before and after Thanksgiving, I'm actually pretty stoked on it this year. My boyfriend got me some cool Star Wars patches and a $200 shopping spree at Sephora that I'll be posting about when it gets here.
He's also taking me out to dinner tonight, like the kind that needs a reservation. FAN-CEEEE.
But you didn't come here to hear about that stuff, so let's see the nails!
I am doing another challenge prompt - It was created by @nbnailart and is the #glamnailschallenge
The theme for today is Sweater Weather. Since I'm no good at freehand nail art on my non-dominant hand and I was planning to wear this for a few days, and since I didn't have a sweater pattern plate, I went with more of a cool weather vibe by doing a bit of a snowy gradient and trees.

For this design I used a base of white polish then i did a gradient with that and China Glaze All Glammed Up.  Once that dried I stamped over it with MoYou Back to the 20s Plate 04.

I'm not totally stoked on my jelly stamper, any recommendations?

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