Tin Man - A Skincare Review

Disclosure - Personal Purchase
Hey hey!
Today I am back with a skincare review.
Skincare is essential at my age, and while I dabbled in it all through my life because I had family in the industry and myself as well, it wasn't until recently that I realized how diligent I needed to be with it.  "Dabbling" is not what you need to be doing after 30.

When the Enlite brand launched exclusively at CVS, I really wanted to try a lot of it. Unfortunately where I lived, it was just not available anywhere remotely close.  When it comes to "drugstore" brands I really don't like buying online as I want to touch it in person. Plus I think at the time I thought, I have enough skincare, if I don't run across it in my travels, its not meant to be.  Apparently I was right because it wasn't around very long before CVS discontinued it.  When I recently moved to SC I even looked to see if it was available here only to find it was gone entirely.

Fast forward to last week when I wandered into Ross (I work next door) to see if they had any decent nail polish and I found the one item from the line I had wanted to try the most - Liquid Assets.
What this is is a peel off face mask, and while the silver/platinum novelty of it was what drew me in way back then, it actually boasts some decent claims.

Sometimes these tags are deceiving, but I know for a fact this did retail for 19.99 at CVS...so not only was I lucky to find it, but what a bargain at that.

I am all for luminosity, but I was most excited about the stripping away of dead skin cells and impurities.

It comes in a fat, short tube but has a great amount of product packed in there.

The delivery system here is a twist lid that opens up, you squeeze and the product oozes out. This is the only con I had with this product.
First, I hate tubes like this because product gets all over the outer lid and if you don't clean this really well it just gets nasty and you're using old gross dried up product every time you use it.
Aside from that, this product is almost too thick for a tube. Thickness is good for a peel off mask, it definitely has the perfect consistency for a peel off but my god it was a nightmare to actually get out of the tube, I had to keep twisting the lid to the closed position and then product would shoot out. I had to do that everytime at least 5-6 times before it started to just come out from a squeeze on its own.

But as I said, the thickness was just right to layer on and be dense enough for a good peel.
20-30 minutes is recommended but I find most masks don't dry down in that time so I left it about 35 minutes and in hindsight it was probably ready earlier because it was a bit of a pain to peel (and I apologize, I had a peel video for this review but it was too long/big and I couldn't figure out how to get it off of my phone to edit it down).
It took some decent scratching at my skin to get an edge up to peel but once I did, 80% of the mask came off in one peel, and the rest removed super easy with just water and my fingertips.

The end result was the real deal.
My favorite mask is The Ordinary peel because it really just feels like it removes an entire layer of your skin off to reveal amazing baby softness. This mask felt exactly the same afterward.  I'm just sad I probably will not be able to find another tube of it.

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