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No post yesterday, decided on weeks I'm doing this new series that I'll most likely post Sundays and Tuesdays instead. Regardless of those shenanigans, wanna hear more about this "new series"? it happens with us makeup hoarders, I can accumulate quite a few samples and gifts with purchase over time.  I get excited when I get them with purchases, but the excitement ends the second I toss them in my sample storage boxes and forget about them.
I was organizing a few weeks back and realized I'd better use them before I lose them and thus was born Try It Tuesdays.
I'll be picking 5 samples every episode and trying them out til they're gone and letting you know if I thought they were worthy of a purchase, etc.

I'm basing what I use on what I have, and since the majority is skincare I will most probably be doing 3 skincare items, 1 makeup item and 1 hair/body item.  Here are the first selections!

Fresh - Soy Face Cleanser.  Full Size $38
The problem with samples is that if you fall in love, it can be costly. Case in point, this cleanser. I mean what person in their right mind falls in love with a cleanser anyway?
I have been quite faithful to my Cerave cleansers over the years and had no intention of straying when I tried this. But I gotta say, I REALLY wanna stray. I just loved the consistency and smell of this cleanser.  It was jelly like, clean smelling and did its basic job of removing my oil cleanser and leftover makeup and gunk of the day.  Didn't break me out or dry me out.  I've already got a bigger tube sample of this coming from a recent Sephora haul sample bag, once that's gone and my current cleanser is finished up, I'm pretty sure I will be converting to this one.

Whew. Luckily this one didn't wow me cuz that price tho.
This is a thicker cream and since I use a Vitamin C serum in the day I used this at night. I still have probably 3 more uses of it left and while it did last a long time since I got a pretty nice sized sample, I had to use a lot per application and while I didn't have any bad reactions to it, I didn't see much in the way of beneficial ones either. It is a nice cream but it's not gonna replace my Aqua Bomb or even my Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream. Sorry.

Not bad. An inexpensive hair mask that I gave a couple of goes. I used it once for a few minutes and then again after coloring for about 20 minutes. Left my hair soft and shiny and not too weighed down, which I like since I have thin fine hair.  I'll probably get this in the full size tube once I've run out of other hair sample masks and tubes I've gotten in subscription boxes.

 Hourglass - Veil Mineral Primer.  Full Size $54
Ok. I wanted to hate this, and at first I did. I got this sample last year and tried it. Didn't understand the hype. But upon retrying it for this series I decided to pat it in/on as opposed to rubbing it and it really did make a big difference in the outcome of pore appearance.  Combined with a good setting spray my makeup holds up like a champ using this.  I'm not sure it's worth the price tag for me, because I just don't like to get down with spending exorbitant amounts of money on things you can't really see.  But who knows...I have a pile of primers to get through and once I do, I may come back around to this one.
Josie Maran - 100% Pure Argan Oil Light.  Full Size $48
I love using oils in the morning mixed in with my moisturizer.  I have combo skin but this really hydrates me and makes my foundation lay perfectly and not cling to areas I have a little dryness.
This oil was light and pleasant and absorbed much faster than my standard Maracuja oil by Shea Terra.  However I can't justify 48 bucks for an oil knowing I get the same result from the 20 dollar bottle I got at the Vitamin Shoppe.  But if you like luxury oils, I think you'd really enjoy this one.

Score - 2 out of 5

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