Best of Boxycharm 2017

Disclosure - Personal Purchases

Who doesn't love Boxycharm?
I'm gonna assume by now you've heard of AND signed up for this awesome subscription box service.
I've been with Boxycharm for about a year and half now and I am constantly impressed every month.
Since I've had a full year of boxes at this point, I figured it would be fun to go through the year and what I got and show you what my favorites have been, the things that even up to a year later, I'm still using and loving.

Since it's only December I am going to consider the year December 2016 through November 2017.

Let's go in order...

Last December we received the Beauty For Real Lip Revival. It is basically a sugar lip scrub, it works great, has a good size grit and a subtle taste/smell of anise/licorice/cinnamon. I dunno, something spicy.  I use this about 1-2 times a week depending on my lip sitch, and since using the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask I have to exfoliate a LOT less, but seriously I have barely put a dent in this and I use it ALOT.

In February the Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion was a huge win in the box.  I was super stoked to get this since it's nearly 80 bucks.  It doesn't disappoint in the least and as you can see, I STILL have some left.  I use it in a rotation between my different masks, usually once a week-ish and it just helps shed those dead skin cells perfectly.

Also in February was this awesome duo of brushes, the Omnia set from Royal & Langnickel.
I want to try more from this line, natural hair brushes and they're both very versatile.

Sometimes there is a strong force across the Boxycharm universe when an item comes that we ALL want.  Ofra highlighters were something I was quite curious about but tbh the packaging of their items never matched what they charge and so I never bought from them.  So to get the Rodeo Drive Highlighter in our April 2017 box, let's just say alot of people were stoked.  I have used this a ton and it's highlighters are not even close to something I usually wear or own many of (and I have ALOT of highlighters, probably more than any other item I own, besides eyeshadows), and when I want gold I always grab for this.

May brought us this fantastic little Contour & Highlight Palette from IBY.
The contours are very neutral and even work well as bronzers.  I always go to this palette when I travel.

August 2017.
These Moda Pro brushes by Royal & Langnickel, tho!
Again!  This brand kills it with affordable and amazing brushes.  I love the handles on these but that eyeshadow brush?!  My favorite brush right now for eye makeup.  It tucks so perfectly into the crease.  This was actually a three piece set, but the third piece was one of those curved contour tightly packed brushes and I just put it up, the eye brush and the face brush are where it's at though.

You probably just saw this palette in my November favorites and with good reason.  I adore this palette.  The Pur Cosmetics Soireee Diaries Palette that came in the September box is one I would absolutely buy on my own, it has everything and it's gorgeous inside and out.

I was ENAMORED with the Bare Minerals Perfecting Face Brush we got in the September box.  It has a well in the center to hold your foundation and a tightly packed, short brush head.  I don't know how to describe the magic of this brush, or maybe magic is the perfect description.  I have since stepped back from using this brush, not because it's bad, its amazing...I just go through phases and use different brushes but I know I will be back to this one again very soon.

Another one you just saw in my monthly faves, CoverFX Illuminating Setting Spray.  Super pricey but I can see why. You will not find a finer mist spray anywhere.

As you can see, the last few months have provided me with a lot of favorites.  Another November score was the Winkylux Kitten Palette. Neutrals and pops of color, it packs a punch for such a small palette.

Can't wait to see what December brings!
If you'd like to give Boxycharm a try, you can use my link to sign up!
It's $21 a month and I believe its available in the US and in Canada.

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