Birthday Haul! Sephora, Ulta, Sephora again and ILNP

Disclosure - Personal Purchases

Today I've got an accumulation of a few hauls I made over my birthday weekend (which also just happened to fall on Black Friday weekend).

First let's check out Sephora:

So my guy got me a nice sized gift card for my birthday and I tried to really drag out every penny of it.  I bought some stuff and then a week later when Sephora did the $25 off $50 coupon, I got a few more things.  I was really low on my Burts Bees Cleansing Oil which is my holy grail. I hate trying new oils since a lot of them leave a residue and I can get pretty picky about that.  So trying this I was really just telling myself hey you can always return it. But, it turns out I didn't need to. The Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil is pretty much spot on to my BB cleanser.  Very happy, and this is the same price and easier to get ahold of, so that's a win in my book!

One of these was a Sephora pick up.  I love love love the Saint and Sinner perfume bottles but this was a conundrum.  See...I love the Saint perfume way way more than the Sinner. But the Saint bottle is white and it would clash with my vanity. So I got the Sinner bottle purely because it's black.  HOWEVER...a few days after my purchase, our store (I work at TJ Maxx) got in ONE bottle of the old style of Kats perfumes and it was in SAINT!  To  make matters even more awesome I got it at a 20% discount and I had a gift card from my manager, so freeeeeee.  

This will now be the third time I've spoken about the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. Obsessed much?  I had to. It was overtaking my thoughts, so this was a 2nd haul purchase I made during the 25 off 50 sale.  

The Colourpop Take Me Home palette was an impulse buy because it was exclusive to Thanksgiving day.  I was surprised how small it was when it arrived, but the shades seem nice, haven't tried this one yet.

Man...Kat Von D really gets me with packaging. I totally did not need this Metal Crush palette, I've been on the biggest highlighter no buy for over a year now because I'm just inundated with them...but she brings a new palette out and I just turn to mush.

These are all colors I completely gravitate toward for highlighters, so it sucked me in, even though I have heard it is ridiculously glittery, I have yet to swatch it cuz I'm a little scared of it.

Also picked the Feelin Fine lip gloss trio from Coloupop.  The formula is really nice on these and I am in LOVE with the middle shade called Fairy Me, its like a pink and copper duochrome and super shimmery.

Another Thanksgiving exclusive was this mini CoverFX highlighter in Moonlight.  I've worn this a couple times and its gorgeous and very metallic.

And the last thing I snatched up for my birthday haulage was Nails Inc Shake That Tail from their Dirty Unicorns collection. CANNOT WAIT to try this!

Next up are a couple of things I got from work besides the Kat Von D Saint perfume.  I also just realized I bought a rad Sanctuary bag too but I forgot to take a pic of it.

Got this trio of OPI top coats for 8 bucks.

Also this CND RidgeFX ridge filler for about 3 bucks.  I'm enjoying all of them so far though I don't notice much difference between this ridge filler and the Sally Hansen one I have. I also got a couple of things from Ulta:

Catrice Cushion Eyeliner. This is the best thing ever created, now if only they would come out with a color for my brows my life would be the best ever.  

A few polishes from OPI. From left to right:

Then I also hauled some ILNP from their Winter/Holiday collection (FYI, I'll have swatches of these up next week so I'm only showing them quickly here):

From left to right:

And lastly a little something I grabbed on Amazon for Christmas:

It was a bit cheaper feeling that I was expecting for nearly 25 dollars, but the cuff is nice and fluffy with an embroidered patch and the little explosions around the Tardis are also stitched.

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