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For someone who really doesn't get into the hype and spirit of Christmas, I gotta say I'm kinda into it this year.  Maybe it's just freedom I haven't had in a really long time, but I'm happy, I'm working and able to support myself albeit with much help from my boyfriend, who is also a big reason I'm into Christmas (though he is not quite as much!), and of course our little princess fur baby, Lexi.  Anyway, reason I say that is because I keep having these URGES to do Christmas nail art.
I'm sure if I look back on my blog I won't find many designs for Christmas, Halloween is my jam for sure, but I love the cold weather and everyone seems to be in better spirits.  How about we get on with this, though? I can ramble at times.

So for todays look I started with a simple blob design, I used Orly Dayglow for the white base and on the thicker second coat I added dollops of A England Dragon and Ruby White Tips Man Eater and let those kinda swirl into and around each other.

I was happy with this look but I wanted to stamp on it.  I looked through my plates and had literally nothing for Christmas, but I did have an image on the MoYou Mexico 01 plate that resembled a Fair Isle sweater print, and so I continued!

But the best was definitely when I matte top coated it with Essie Matte About You. good I actually decided to make this a full manicure for most of this week!

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