Favorite Winter Polishes

Disclosure - Personal Purchases/Some PR Samples

Hi folks!
Today I am bringing you a few polishes in  my collection that I love to pull out this time of year...some may no longer be available for purchase but I will do my best to hunt down some links for what I can!
That's the bad part about getting back into blogging after a long break, most of what I have is alot older, though trust me, I am slowly amassing new stuff all the time!

Bankroll by Triple 7 Polish. Stunning deep blue with scattered holo.  Sadly, these are amazing polishes that no longer seem to be being made :(

Zoya Carter, from the Pixie Dust line, textured brilliant purple.

Marc Jacobs Cora - kind of like a burnt reddish brown with silver shimmer...I love when warm and cool collide, this one is super unique.

OPI DS Extravagance.  Man, this polish has been a favorite for YEARS. There is just something about the holo particles in this mixed with the perfect shade of raspberry that just make it divine.

Ah...speaking of warm and cool colliding...my favorite thing in the polish world has got to be silver and gold combined.  A England Excalibur is the epitome of this phenomenon.  I *think* this is discontinued?

China Glaze Goldie But Goodie...agains with the silver and gold. Though this is primarily gold there is still hints of silver.

Jack the Lad by Butter London. Look at this beauty without drooling, I dare you!

Oh baby...this is a weird one and I love it. Honestly when I was going through my stash to see what I wanted to pull for this post, I had never even used this. How? I keep finding the most random untrieds.  Anyway! This is Kismet from Color Club and I don't know if the oddball greenish silver is my favorite part or if its the insane holo-ness from a non indie.

OPI Lost on Lombard. This was from the San Francisco Collection which I loved practically everything in that launch SO hard.  A deep warm red creme.

Marbs...Butter London. A very brassy gold with silver glitters, surprise. Limited Edition. Don't hate me, I *DID* warn you.

Sigh. I hate saying these words but...this is an Oops from Llarowe a few years back and so impossible to get, but look. Just...look.

OPI Over and Over A-Gwen. Ok I'm sorry this is very much unavailable but look at her! Such a cherry red beauty and perfect for the holidays!

At this point I'm ashamed because these are all so hard to get ahold of. I should have named this post...Hey, wanna see some shit you can never have? Click now!  Enkelini Shampayne.  A light cool toned gold holo.

Catrice Steel My Heart, I have no idea if this is still around since I had it muled from Germany several years ago...gorgeous matte slightly textured brown with purple and gold shimmer.

Sorry so many of these are so old but you can't deny their beauty!

*this post contains affiliate links*

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