I Love Nail Polish Winter 2017 Haul and Swatches

Disclosure - Personal Purchase

Welcome to your tape, Monday!
It's full of shimmery goodness and there is no need to hold you up from pushing play...let's check out the 4 polishes I snatched up during the ILNP Winter/Holiday presale event,

First up is Countdown - Gold and Silver Holographic.
You know how I feel about gold and silver by now.  Ugh. This was the first polish I tried and good god ya'll...it was a one coater!  Granted I did two just to erase any VNL but you can easily skate by with one and done here.  You know there was actually a time when I wasn't impressed by holographic polishes?  Now I'm borderline obsessed...but I'm getting there.

Next up is On The Rocks, and believe me when I tell you this beauty looks like a cup of bejweled coffee.  It's got brown, gold, copper and even a bit of a rose shift to my eyes.  This is 2 coats of glittery gorgeousness.

I am always a sucker for ILNP's murky shifters, like this one, Salem.  This shimmer shifts from Green to Red but in the bottle I mainly see green to purple, and on the nail that purple is really hard to get ahold of.  I was able to get up to a blue shift but even the green on it's own is worth the price of admission.

And last but certainly not least is Sparks May Fly...like most of the world, I love a good shade of mustard when it comes to beauty, its such a unique and ugly shade and my god when you add some holo to it...the sky is the limit.  Such a deep and crusty gold shade!

What do you think of the new stuff from ILNP?  Did you pick anything up from this release? I definitely wanna get a few more after Christmas when my fun money can start accumulating again.

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