Subscription Spotlight: Barkbox December 2017

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It's Christmas toy time!
My dog is about to have a toygasm when Christmas rolls around if opening this months Barkbox is any indication.

The cute little comic wrapping...

Our December card.

Some duck flavored treats.

This was interesting, is was the texture of like cardboard or a rice cake, and it made a HUGE mess just like cardboard. But she liked it.

More treats, and if you've been here before for Barkbox unboxings, you might know my dog isn't into treats. AT ALL. Oddly enough this bag was sitting at my feet while she perused the box and she decided to bulldoze it and tear it to pieces, treats flung through the air and she didn't eat one of them, but she loved the bag.

Ok, this is cute.  He's about 6 or so inches tall.

A cab, with a dog driving. Adorable.  Neither one of these seem particularly sturdy though this month, more on that below.

Someone was a little feisty and opened it herself.

The tree was the first thing to catch Lexi's eye, it has a cute squeaker but I can tell it won't last long, its on par with a childs stuffed animal.

Whats next Dad?? Gimme.

The nutcracker.  He was no match for the toy killer.

She demolished him in under an hour.  He is a giggler and his gigglebox was a hard plastic tube that I caught her gagging on after she ripped into him, not the best thing to find in your dogs mouth, but she enjoyed him and will continue to as she rips out his stuffing and flattens him in the coming days, she has a system.
Barkbox starts around $21 a month depending on the box you choose and as always, I highly recommend it! Now through 12/24 you can get your first box for FIVE BUCKS!

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  1. Yes... adorable toys but I feel like our big boys got little dog toys this month 🤔. Norm was
    Losing his stuffing within minutes. Lexi is a cutie!

    1. Agreed, while the toys were cute, they definitely skimped this time around!


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