The Gnarly Gnails blog was started in January 2012 when I had just started what would later become a massive obsession with painting my nails.

 First it started as a simple obsession with owning ALL THE POLISHES!
It soon became more, as I was quickly introduced to stamping plates and dotting tools, glitter top coats and crackle effects, European polishes and gradients! Polish turned out to be the gateway drug to the nail polish community at large!

I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment, every blog post and almost every person I have met due to starting this blog adventure.

 I currently reside in a small town in Georgia just outside of Chattanooga, TN.
I was born and raised in Long Beach, CA -  and at the ripe, young age of 30 I finally spread my wings and left the nest that had been California. I've lived in Ohio, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. It's been quite an adventure to say the least!

I live with my cat Biscuits and my boyfriend of five years, who works as a tattoo artist, painter and machine builder..

I am a pretty nice person  - so if you want to know more, -just ask! 


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