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As of January 1, 2014 we can now offer advertising and ad design directly to you without a middleman. All inquiries will come to us and we will work directly with you to find you the best ad, design and anything else you will need to get your ad out to the world!

STATS (as of Mar. 1, 2014):
Monthly Pageviews - 45k (Averaged over 3 months)
Blog Followers - Combined total of 4100+ (Between GFC, Bloglovin, Email and RSS subscribers)
Facebook Followers - 8000+
Twitter Followers - 1600+
Instagram Followers - 2900+
Tumblr Followers - 4500+
YouTube Subscribers - 400+

To discuss/design an ad:
We work to find you the right size ad or ad design, if you have inquiries about either of these services, email