One of the easiest methods of nail art, with a huge impact! Give it a try!

The Tokidoki Graffiti Tutorial
Another simple to do mani using sponges, neon polish, wax paper and the option to do freehand art or stamp!

Easy to do mani using a few basic nail art elements - gives a fun 80s/Betsey Johnson inspired style! Best of all - you can do this on BOTH hands!

The Split Splatter Tutorial
A spin on tape, splatter and decal manicures all rolled into one!

Splatter technique mixed with stamping and tape to create an iconic homage to the Tokidoki brand.

Rockabilly Luau Hibiscus Floral Tutorial!
A blend of watercolor nails and floral stamping make this look like you spent all day doing your nails, but I won't tell!

Circus Stencil Tutorial!
A very cool way to work with striping tape, stickers, tape, dotting tools and sponging!

Rockabilly Luau Leopard Print Tutorial!
Super simple leopard print mani using only 3 colors and a dotting tool! Works wonderfully to recycle an old mani!

Floral Wallpaper Tutorial!
All you need is a dotting tool and some saran wrap to recreate this  vintage inspired design!

Rockabilly Luau Bandana Tutorial!
Part of my Rockabilly Series using Bundle Monster paisley stamp design and a nail art pen to create a bandana designed nail!

Teal/Purple Holo Gradient (Video) Tutorial!
My first  video tutorial! Easy gradients!

Rockabilly Luau Pineapple Tutorial!
Easy to do Pineapples, using a stamping plate fishnet design and nail art brushes!