Cutest Ever 1st birthday invitation message

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Our Birth days are to be celebrated each year, as it is the point one gets a new age… It’s that day you have to give thanks to Almighty God for making you see a new day.

Our Birth days is also a day to be cherished with your friends & people you love. How else should we celebrate a Birthday, than sending an Amazingly Beautiful 1st birthday invitation message.

Here is some beautiful 1st birthday invitation message however Please don’t ask me if you can copy-edit it and send to The adorable person…Copy n Send ASAP! 😀

Accept my Assurance! You have no idea how this invaluable gesture will make them appreciate you more. You would always be in their memories and you will be admired by them for good and all.

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Here You go| 1st birthday invitation message

1st birthday invitation message
1st birthday invitation message

Imagine the world without colours, dull right? That’s how my birthday will be without you for you are the color in my life. Kindly attend my birthday, for you make my day colourful ♥.

On the (the date of your birthday) i came into the world. This special day I’ll keep celebrating for life. Join me to celebrate this special day, this year.

A day has been set aside to celebrate my birthday, the day i came into the world. Kindly join me to celebrate this. See you there on (day of the party) 😉.

People celebrate birthdays with the most special people they know. You are special to me and i want you to join me and celebrate my birthday on (your birthday date).

Birthdays are celebrated once, once with love and happiness. We celebrate birthdays to acknowledge the day we were born. Kindly join me to acknowledge the day i was came into the world on (your birthday day).

Hello dear, my birthday is coming up soon. Kindly join me on (the date of your birthday) to celebrate my coming into this world.

A birthday party is unique because it’s only celebrated once in a year. I want you to join me in celebrating this special day. See you there 😘. Thanks

A day of celebration has come again for us to celebrate. Kindly join me to celebrate this special day we have come to know as “birthday”.

Together we stand, together we’ll party. My birthday has come again like a visitor who visits annually. Kindly join me to celebrate the day came into the world. You are invited to my birthday

When i came into the world, the first thing i did was cry, but now each year, i celebrate that particular day with smiles. I will want you to join me in this year celebration

Birthdays are are happy days, happy days are days celebrated with the best people. My happy day is fast approaching and I’ll love you to celebrate it with me.

Note : this message is only sent to angels.
Hello!! You are hereby invited to celebrate and dance with me on my womb escape day coming up on (date of your birthday).
Thanks angel

I can not be born twice,neither will I die a second time.and as long as I live and still breath, I will live my everyday life like it is always my birthday.but today, today and right now marks that day again that I was officially happy birthday to me,come celebrate with me.

Come ye one,come ye all.for today a queen/king is born.bring along your rubbies, bring along your gifts.fix up the tables and bring along some wine glass.for it’s still same time like last year,that a new chapter of my life was opened.come celebrate with me!

I heard the alarm clock ring out,i tried to shut it down but it refused and hurray it screamed. It’s your birthday girl it relayed and then I stretched forth,brought out my notepad and wrote “it’s another 356days gone,come celebrate with me again,its my birthday.

It’s here again, that one moment that’s on a revolt only once every year.that moment is the day I was born, that moment is my birthday.join me again today to cut this cake.

A day like today brings forth joy and happiness, covered in silk and pure excitement.a day like today was the day my mother looked me in the eyes and said “welcome child”i day like today is saying again,call up your friends and well wishers and tell them to gather and be merry, for it’s my birthday.come celebrate with me.

I know about a lot who died on this same day last year,and some others who have up on life on this same date last year.but here I still am,sleeping beside my alarm clock and waiting for it to remind me again that it’s my birthday.happy birthday to me! Hurray

I don’t want candy, I don’t want snacks, I don’t want drinks.i just want a ride to the beach with you all to celebrate today. It’s my birthday again,come join me you all!

On this auspicious day I pray for my self and my mind,i pray for peace and abundant blessing.i pray for breakthrough and increased creativity.thank you Lord for another day like today,for it’s my birthday again.