Sweet 21st birthday captions messages

Make Him/her feel loved with this Enchanting : 21st birthday captions messages.

Our Birth days are to be marked annually, as it is the time one gets a new age… It’s a moment you wanna give appreciations to Almighty God for his faithfulness.

Your Birth day is also a day to be celebrated with friend and loved ones. What better way should we mark a Birthday, other than send or receive an Amazingly Beautiful 21st birthday captions messages.

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Here it is| 21st birthday captions messages

Somebody just started to be matured.
Even at 15,you have started to be amazing and simply admirable. You heart has started to be filled with so much love and sympathy for humanity and the people around you. And now that you just climbed to your 21th, I know that you’d do more than that, for that is why your chapters keeps opening.Happy birthday love and please, have a lot of fun today.

Do you know that, a new chapter has just been opened for you. You just walked past 20 and I know That, God will keep you alive till your 100th. You are the true definition of beautiful and your family has been blessed with that through you. You are amazing, you are wonderful, you are intelligent and so so lovable. Knowing and having grown up with you has truly changed, kept and made me better.happy 21st birthday dearie!

Wow! Who would have believed that, this will be you in the next 20 years? You have changed a whole lot and 21 really looks good on you. I remember how I cleaned up after you, changed your diapers qnd watched over you till this day. You are so adorable and I must confess that I sometimes get jealous. Hip Hip hip,hurray my darling. Happy birthday to you my sweetheart!

An adorable birthday wishes to an adorable friend /sister/teacher and bestie.we started this race together, even though I am a little older than you.you know you are still a minor right, lol. But even at that, you have proven yourslef worthy over this year’s that, you deserve more than enough respect.hapoy birthday darling, keep living!

I am so happy that today is your day, you know why? It is because today adds to you an additional number, a bigger sense of maturity,developed sense of humour and more beauty.tell me here you what us to party, don’t worry we will not drink out like the adults lol, I know you are scared already but, today also says that, you are now becoming a woman of your own and all. Happy birthday sis!