Amazingly Cute 21st birthday wishes

Make him\her feel special today with this Amazingly Cute : 21st birthday wishes.

Birth days are to be marked each year, as it is that period one gets a new age… It’s a moment you have to give thanks to God Almighty for his faithfulness.

Birth days is also a day to be marked with friend and loved ones. How else should we celebrate a Birthday, than receiving or sending an Amazingly Awesome 21st birthday wishes.

We have put together some lovable 21st birthday wishes nevertheless Don’t be shy to copy or steal it and send to The adorable person…Copy n Send ASAP!

Take My Word! You have no idea how this noble show of love would touch their soul. You would always be in their heart and you ‘d be loved by them for good and all.

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Here it is| 21st birthday wishes

As you kiss goodbye to your teenage stage of a lot of mistakes and mischiefs, and step into the stage of adulthood I wish you all what your heart desires and God devine favour,
Ohhh my super cute_super hero is now an adult, he has grown so big that he’ll be able to save me now…happy birthday grandson I am proud of the fine young man you’re growing into.


My bestfriend, my gossip mate,my little_but big sister is 21 today. If I was asked to choose a sister it’ll always be you,you’re God’s special gift to us. Go and chase your dreams Sis, I’ll always be here for you…
I love you so much.
Once again i say a happy 21st birthday to my troublesome and mischievous cute little sister,as you greet farewell to 20 and clock 21 I pray you change…(LOL) shine on sister…

My favorite grandchild is 21 already,making me feel so old,twenty one marks the stage of adulthood that comes with a lot of responsibility, you’re now a grown woman,live like one and stop your mischiefs…I pray the Bell rings soon,before I kiss goodbye to this earth..
Grandma loves you baby!!

Yes I scold you a lot,I know that I have made you angry a lot of times son…but all that was to shape you into a responsible person, as you turn 21 today I want to let you know that, yes you’re now a grown man but,21 comes with a lot of responsibility..
Happy birthday son.
From your daddy!!