Amazingly Awesome 60th birthday wishes

Start the day by sending him/her this Amazingly Awesome : 60th birthday wishes.

Birth days are to be honoured yearly, as it is the point you become older… It’s that day you have to give thanks to Almighty God for the grace to be alive.

Your Birth day is also a day to be shared with friend and loved ones. How else should we start a Birthday, than receiving an Amazingly Beautiful 60th birthday wishes.

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| 60th birthday wishes

Dear best friend, we have always been together, at 16 I was wishing you a happy life as teenager,at 18 a legit adult,25 and achiever,27 a married woman, 30 a mom,  40 an old woman and now at 60, A Grand Mother… Though our circle was more than this but the rest left,I’ll never leave you …
I love you best friend.

Happy 60th birthday to my Gentle and Loving and motivating Grand ma, as you greet farewell to 59 and clock 60 I pray for more wisdom so you could guide us better …
Grand daughter loves you so much…

Happy 60th birthday to my favorite and stubborn sister, You are now old you need to calm down some bit. Sis Loves you

Yes You scold me a lot, You have made you angry a lot of time …but all that was to shape me into a responsible person, as you turn 60 today I want to let you know that, I am grateful for all the lessons. Happy Birthday Mum

My mother, my jewel, my pride has turned sixty today…on this special day I just wanted you tell you that I’m so proud having you as my Mother, shine on Mummy, Baby loves you.