Amazingly Beautiful birth announcement quotes

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Our Birth days are to be celebrated yearly, as it is that period you get a new age… It’s a time you want to give appreciations to God Almighty for keeping you alive.

It is also a day to be cherished with friend and loved ones. How else should we celebrate a Birthday, than sending an adorable birth announcement quotes.

We have compile some charming birth announcement quotes however Please don’t ask me if you can copy-edit it and send to The adorable person…Just do it! 😀

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Here it is| birth announcement quotes

Yeah yeah yeah! A child have been born unto us and he looks like a king.his colour is amazing and his hair looks like that of the angels. He looks like he came forth with good news and goodies to the hearts of mankind.he looks like, he knows that we are all expecting him today. I see greatness in this child and a tender heart,happy arrival here on earth.

Wow! Who would have thought that my cousin would be this beautiful? Like,man!oh how I love today, for it marks the day a scorpion was born. A scorpion that’d stand side by side with us,fight and conquer the world together.a Scorpio that will seek for the liberation of mankind and bring us out of this shackle.Congratulations mummy, for finally bringing him home to us.welcome child!

Come ye one, come ye all for a king and a prince has been brought forth to the family.come out with your all to celebrate with me. Call the guilter man and call the lyricists,call out the women makong soap and invite the bedridden down the streets.tell them to come and merry for indeed, a little lad has been given unto us and it gladens my heart to be alive to witness it. Congratulations dear child, congratulations for your safe arrival Into the world.

I wanted it to be a boy and she wanted it to be a girl. I wanted to have anotyer brother and she wanted to have another sister. So when you heard that you were about to come out, we were eager and anxious about your identity and boom….. You turned out to be a girl .i am glad that you came to us, you are special for I can feel it.happy safe arrival kiddo

We have all waited for your arrival In anticipation. Eagerly we all looked up at your mum, waiting for this day, for the day that you’d start to kick and the day that you’d finally come out of your mummy’s womb and say hi to all of us, your fans.we have waited for you for so long,so welcome to the world boy!