Lovable birthday greetings for facebook

Rock His/Her world by sending Him/her this Adorable : birthday greetings for facebook.

Your Birth day are to be remembered once a year, as it is the time you get a new age… It’s that day you want to give appreciations to Your God for making you mark another birthday.

Birth days is also a day to be celebrated with your friends & people you love. How else should we start a Birthday, other than send or receive an Amazingly Beautiful birthday greetings for facebook.

In this content, you will get some cute birthday greetings for facebook however Feel Free to copy-edit it and send to the celebrant…Go ahead n copy! *smiles*

Trust Me! You have no idea how this noble message will touch their soul. You will always be in their heart and you will be loved by them endlessly.

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Here You go| birthday greetings for facebook

Hello my friend. It’s been a while we ain’t talked to each other, but I know that i still like you. I have watched you everyday and followed your every updates and I must confess that, I got to like you the more. Maybe we’ve not met yet, but then I like you still and I will celebrate this day other you. Happy birthday to my crush from a distance, have fun dearly!

When I saw your friend request, I said pheeeww in my heart.like,who is this goddess. Then I clicked on your wall and checked your profile and I was amazed at everything my eyes saw. I realised later on that, you are just as amazing as your profile seems and today I am glad that, we are now friends for life. Happy birthday my friendship, I will celebrate with you love.

Hello my cutest friend on my list. I know that you know that, you are beautiful and very intelligent. And those are exactly what got me attracted to you.an amazing i friendship I have made and kept with your here and I am glad that, I did not turn down that request. As you step your feet into your new age, I pray that God’s abundant grace will not depart from your face. Happy birthday girl!

A lovable birthday greetings I send to you. We may not have known each other for too long, we may not have talked to each other all this while but then,i know that secretly we like each other. I just saw the notification that it’s your birthday and here is my wish for you, I pray that you’d make and keep more beautiful friendships and that, your blessings will never be limited!

Hey my adorable friend. You have showne me more kindness here than those who I know personally have shown me.you have a great and amazing heart and I must confess that,your are truly Gods own masterpiece.hapoy birthday beautiful girl and I pray that, you’d find love in all nook and cranny of life.have fun girl!