Charming birthday poems for mom

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Birth days are to be cherished each year, as it is that period you get a new age… It’s a day you want to give thanks to Your God for making you mark another birthday.

Birth days is also a day to be celebrated with family and friends. How else should we mark a Birthday, than receiving or sending an Amazingly Beautiful birthday poems for mom.

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| birthday poems for mom

How does one express those emotions
that seem difficult to be named?
I’ll paint with your sweetness, your name
over the walls of my heart
that you may know how much you mean to me. Live long ma! Happy birthday

There are times I look in your eyes
and marvel at the storm you’ve had to hold inside
and still be loving in every way you can.
Mom, angels like you don’t roam the earth often.
Stay with me a lot more longer. Happy birthday!

I could start from the way you instill peace
or the way you spread radiance wherever you are
but I’d choose to write about a mystery;
how the depth of your love is inestimable.
Keep living mom!

To the best mother one could ever wish for.
Make a wish today with your eyes open
because magical things happen to lovely souls.
Don’t be overwhelmed when they start coming true
you deserve much more.

There might be gifts with the highest values,
flowers with the sweetest scents,
pictures with the best sceneries,
songs with the best lyrics
and poems with the most enticing lines
but there’s no heart as sweet as yours.
Keep living love!