Amazingly Beautiful birthday speech

Cause a Smile with this Lovable : birthday speech.

Your Birth day are to be celebrated annually, as it is the point one gets a new age… It’s a day you wanna give appreciations to God Almighty for keeping you alive.

Our Birth days is also a day to be celebrated with friend and loved ones. How else should we start a Birthday, other than send or receive an Amazingly cute birthday speech.

We have compile some charming birthday speech however Please don’t ask me if you can copy-edit it and send to that special someone…Just do it!

Take My Word! You’d be suprised how this inexpensive gesture would melt their heart. You would be forever in their memories and you ‘d be loved by them for good and all.

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Here You go| birthday speech


When I saw you the first time,i never liked you. You looked arrogant and rude, disrespectful and bitter.until the moment you said “hello,i love your hair. With a smile that was equally saying”i want to he be your friend,did I truly believed that, it is a crime to judge people wrongly.especially the ones you never got to say “hello,to”.and today and right here, I just want to let you know that,you are so beautiful too and kind hearted. Happy buftday beautiful!

Everybody around you said to me that “you are not a good friend.they said that, you only come into ones heart just to get what you want and then leave like a wonderful just the same way you came.for a moment I believed them and nearly never got to be familiar with you.but until I got close to you did I realise that your heart is a home for the broken and not only gave me all that you had, you gave me more than you had an for that alone, I am greatful I never listened to your friends. For I would have missed out an opportunity like this that only comes around once in a lifetime,the opportunity of knowing someone like you. Happy birthday cutie!

All I ever asked from GOD was a good friend and nothing more. And now, with tears in my eyes and gladness in my heart. I want to tell the world that, God did not just give me a good friend, he equally gave me an angel, a pearl covered in silver lining and a star. Where should I start from? Will they even understand if I tell them How and who you’ve been to” me? No, they won’ let me not tell them, but just keep your details safe in my heart before another steals you away from me.happy birthday my darling..

Who would have believed that our paths would cross again? Who would have believed that it would be with a wonderful soul like you. I remember all the times it got hard, remember all the stress you made me pass through and how I told you that, I was going to come back for you. And I did, even though though you never believed it for a day. Angels they say live in heaven,but seeing you smile just like that. I have come to believe that angels are also here on earth with us. Happy birthday to you dearest heart!

Blessings you brought, the tears you took away. My unbelieve about love you cleared away and brought me a life full of bliss and and stress free. It is not easy to stay in love,it is not easy to stick to just one. But ever since you came my way, it’s been blessings upon I appreciate you greatly, for your love brought gain and blessings to me. Happy birthday to you my choco

Right from day one, I know I wanted you. And until I bring you close to me, I will never rest was the promise I made to myself and I am so glad that I finally kept to it. I am glad I never stopped chasing you. I am glad you were worth the wait. I am glad that, you fell back in love with me too and finally, I am glad that my mother loved you the first day she saw you.happy birthday to you beautiful soul.

I saw your flaws and the issues of your heart. Your imperfections was laid all open and that dark side of you was left unclosed. I would have walked away like others would, but no! I wanted to see that which was hidden and left unopen to the world. When I came close at first, I only saw bitterness for that was what you chose to show me.but you never knew that, I was going to look beyond that broken woman I was seeing.i looked beyond and realised that, you are such a beautiful soul.and I was glad that you’ve been broken by another, for I would not have had you if you had been happy with another. Happy birthday to you my darling..

In my quest for answers and peace of mind. I found you. You told me that everything would be alright and that, you will ride with me till the end of time. I only smiled when you said that because, that was exactly the same promise that the former gave before the betrayal. Now it’s been three years and you are still here with me, guarding me, inspiring me, comforting me and motivating me…. What more can I say beautiful? Let this day forever be as beautiful as your soul.Happy birthday my love!