Amazingly Cute birthday surprise for him

Rock His/Her world by sending Him/her this Charming : birthday surprise for him.

Birth days are to be honoured every year, as it is the point one gets a new age… It’s that day you have to give thanks to Almighty God for keeping you alive.

Birth days is also a day to be celebrated with your friends & people you love. How else should we mark a Birthday, other than receiving an Amazingly Awesome birthday surprise for him.

Find below some sweet birthday surprise for him nevertheless Feel Free to copy or steal it and send to The adorable person…Copy n Send ASAP! *lol

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Here You go| birthday surprise for him

Taraaaaa! I hope you received the alert, I hope you got my text, I hope you saw my voice note, I hope you received my dance video. I hope you like the wrist watch qnd I hope your cake’s been delivered. Are you surprised now, guess you never expected that it’d be me but then, I did it for you. Happy birthday darling and, I am glad that I was able to surprise you today.

When I saw the incoming call, I was scared and wondered what I have done again.but then hearing that succulent voice of yours melted my heart and your scream that’s saying “oh baby, I never knew you loved me this much and I smiled and asked “I hope you love the cake and you said,oh yes I do love it”.happy birthday once again dearest and I hope that you shine like this forever!

Hey dearest, I hope your today glows as fire just like your face and your heart.i hope you received the alert and your birthday cake from the delivery man. I wanted it to come as a surprise,for I know you love surprises. Happy birthday dearest and have fun,i will join you soon.

You were surprised seeing me stand in front of your door,when you came out to answer the bell.but I walked down all the way just to surprise you know your birthday and, I saw the shock on your face for you weren’t expecting it. Happy birthday my dearest, it only displayed how special you are to me and I was glad that, it was your biggest surpruse for the day. Let’s have fun together, shall we?

How do you want your surprise package to be? Mailed or billed? Delivered by a male or female? Whichever it is, I promise you that, you will scream out aloud when you see what I have in stock for you. How can I forget this day, this day that you kicked and kicked just to scramble out of your shells like a chicken. Of course I cannot, for I was right beside mother. Happy womb escape dearie and, have the soundest birthday ever. Just stand beside the door, for the delivery man is almost here.