Lovable birthday wishes for baby boy

Make every moment count by Sending this Lovely : birthday wishes for baby boy.

Our Birth days are to be celebrated yearly, as it is the point one gets a new age… It’s a day you want to give appreciations to Your God for keeping you alive.

Our Birth days is also a day to be celebrated with family and friends. What better way should we start a Birthday, other than receiving an adorable birthday wishes for baby boy.

In this content, you will get some beautiful birthday wishes for baby boy nevertheless Don’t fail to copy or steal it and send to the celebrant…Just do it! *lol

Believe Me! You’d be suprised how this inexpensive message would make them feel loved. You would always be in their prayers and you will be cherished by them until/to the end of time.

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| birthday wishes for baby boy

Hey my dear baby boy, you know I got the best wishes for you right. You know I only want to see you grow and shine brightly like the sun, you know you are the mint in my chocolate right, lol. Well, I know you know you are all and more of this to me and that’s why today, am just gonna say;happy birthday to you my dear baby boy. I hope today showers you with everlasting love amen!

You are a blessing to this family and we will forever be glad that you belong to daddy and mummy. As you add another year to your age son, I pray that the almighty strengthens your weak bones, inspires your youthful mind and then lead and direct your path. So that, you’d grow up to be all that he desires. Happy birthday boy,keep living!

Maybe you are the son of our old age.but then again, I know that you are the son from the almighty God. Born to do great and accomplish wonderful things. On this blessed day of yours my sweet boy, I pray that nothing on earth will limiit nor stop you from winning brightly. Happy birthday my baby boy!

Your laughter is contagious, your smile is killing. Your mind is soft and your heart, is so generous.you have grown fast and have grown well baby and as today marks another bonus to you, I pray that you’d continue to grow higher and be recognized by humanity for your good deeds. Happy birthday to you my baby boy!

Today I stand with the angels and the history of angels to holy, holy because today is a mark of a very tremendous day in our lives. It is the day that you’d my son, came into the world and brought joy and laughter to my world. On this day baby boy, I wish you nothing else other than the presence of God in your life.
May laughter never depart from your face, amen. Happy birthday baby boy!