Amazing birthday wishes for niece

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Birth days are to be remembered every year, as it is that period you get a new age… It’s a time you wanna give thanks to Almighty God for keeping you alive.

Your Birth day is also a day to be marked with friend and loved ones. What better way should we mark a Birthday, than receiving an Amazing birthday wishes for niece.

Here is some beautiful birthday wishes for niece however Don’t be hesitant to clone or copy it and send to that special someone…Copy n Send ASAP!

Trust Me! You’d be suprised how this inexpensive show of love would make them feel loved. You would be forever in their memories and you will be cherished by them perpetually.

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Here You go| birthday wishes for niece

Your eyeballs are answered prayers
for those longing for bliss.
Today we celebrate one more year of blissful cheer and sweet memories.
I can only wish that you love to celebrate more. Happy birthday!

This poem has no fat, no additives and no cholesterol.
It’s totally natural and with a lot of honey
but its sweetness cannot be compared to you, my dear.
Keep living!

Sweetheart, have you wondered why fireworks
need to be ignited to show how beautiful they are?
Living is like being a firework;
we might get ignited by challenges
but how beautiful we were is what matters.
Know this! Happy birthday

These are the perfect ingredients for your birthday cake:
some sparkles from your eyes,
an ounce of your heart’s bliss,
a mix of your beauty
with savoury flavours of your soul’s sweetness.

You’re one step closer to greatness,
one more step farther from misery,
one more step towards achieving your goals,
one more step away from stillness
and a thousand in one step towards your peak.
Make the most out of today. Happy birthday!