Amazingly Beautiful birthday wishes to a brother

Put a smiles on his/her face with this Sweet : birthday wishes to a brother.

Our Birth days are to be cherished once a year, as it is that period one gets a new age… It’s a time you have to give thanks to Your God for the grace to be alive.

Our Birth days is also a day to be celebrated with family and friends. What better way should we mark a Birthday, other than receiving or sending an Amazingly sweet birthday wishes to a brother.

Here is some cute birthday wishes to a brother and Feel Free to copy-edit it and send to the celebrant…Go ahead n copy! *wink*

Accept my Assurance! You don’t know how this invaluable show of love would touch their soul. You would always be in their head and you will be admired by them for eternity.

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Here it is| birthday wishes to a brother

The Power of a Cute Smile and a wonderful heart shouldn’t be underestimated, thanks for always been there, Happy Birthday Bro

I asked for a Brother, I found a father in you, I asked for a protector, I got an Hercules in you, today is the greatest day for the year to me and everybody who values this legend. Happy Birthday bro.

You are a fallen angel no doubt but unlike Satan, you fell with love, care, sweetness and greatness. Happy Birthday Bro

If I die and Return back to earth, if you are not my brother, I will kill my self..
Happy Birthday Bro..

In any Space, Time and Dimension, if you are not my brother, I wouldn’t live for long. Happy Birthday Bro..

I need a clone expert, we should make a million clones of you if we need world peace. Happy Birthday Bro.