Amazingly Beautiful footballers birthdays message

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Our Birth days are to be remembered once a year, as it is that period you get a new age… It’s a time you want to give appreciations to Your God for the grace to be alive.

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Here it is| footballers birthdays message

To my darling friend and footballer in the game of dribling, I am wishing you a very beautiful and belated today marks your day, I wish you more dribbling, more winnings, more congratulations, more victories, more awards and long life and prosperity. Happy birthday amazing man!

To my amazing sister in the game of soccer, the amarula or our time, the Ronaldo on our lips, the world’s best midfielder and the glory of our nation, I just want to let you know that you are loved,recognised and appreciated everyday or your existence. Happy birthday champion!

You are talented and glorified in your skills. You have proven yourslef worthy of been called my one and only world’s best soccer lord. You have dribbled your way into so many goals posts and came back home with nothing other than victor and jubiliation. Happy birthday to a born talented player,keep winning!

More success in your endeavours and more soccer goals on your doorstep. May you keep winning and winning, glowing and glowing and may you keep asking more goals all the day that you’d live. More gold medals on your neck and more awards in your name. Happy birthday to my world’s greatest footballer, keep shining!

I wish you a birthday that is dribble free, soccer free and tears free. Happy birthday to the my world’s most amazing soccer star, you have played well over the years and made your country proud.keep winning dearie and, the Lord will crown your boots with success!bring home Another medal!