Amazingly Awesome funny birthday wishes for wife

Make a heart melt with this Lovable : funny birthday wishes for wife.

Our Birth days are to be remembered each year, as it is the point you become older… It’s a day you wanna give honour to Almighty God for making you be among the living.

Birth days is also a day to be celebrated with friend and loved ones. How else should we mark a Birthday, other than receiving or sending an Amazingly cute funny birthday wishes for wife.

Find below some Sweetest Ever funny birthday wishes for wife however Don’t Hesitate to copy or steal it and send to the celebrant…Just Copy it! *smiles*

Take My Word! You’d be suprised how this little show of love would touch their soul. You will be eternally in their memories and you ‘d be admired by them endlessly.

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| funny birthday wishes for wife

To my awesome wife and back bone. I want to wish you a happy belated birthday. Our union together I must confess have been a jolly good ride all though this year’s and even till enternity and the next life to come, I’d still love you and chose you over and over again. Happy birthday wify!

You are not just my wife, but my most cherished asset and investment. It’s been 7years with us together and we are still here loving each other. You know I love you so much and you know that, I can not do without you. On this day my sugar mama, I pray you’d still laugh out wide and live your best days. Happy birthday my darling wify!

Making my life complete, you have. Blessings and showers of goodwill from above you have brought to me and for that reason alone, I will never let you go. I know it’s not been easy loving me, but I know thatI am worth the stress Huh? Happy birthday to the thief of my heart, keep living baby!

Ypu were worth the wait, the stress and the sacrifices. I have never regretted for a moment why it had to be you, for truly you were worth everything I had to go you add another age to your already existing age, I pray that you’d grow more in wisdom and health. Happy birthday my darling wify!

To my wife and the most beautiful woman on earth, who came out from nowhere and stole my heart. I want to say “happy birthday baby” we started this race together for years now and since then, we have been up and kicking. You are the wish of every man and I am glad that you chosed me. Happy birthday to my beautiful wify!