Pretty-Pretty funny birthday wishes for younger brother

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Birth days are to be remembered each year, as it is that period you become older… It’s a time you have to say a BIG THANKYOU to Your God for his faithfulness.

It is also a day to be marked with family and friends. How else should we celebrate a Birthday, other than receiving or sending an Amazingly Awesome funny birthday wishes for younger brother.

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Here You go| funny birthday wishes for younger brother

To a younger brother that has brought to us so much joy, love, hqppiness, sensitivity, stability and then a sense of recognition as a family. I want to say, happy birthday. You know we are so proud of you right? And that, we can’t wish to have more than we got already Huh? You are amazing just the way you are, happy birthday youngy! Keep living!

OK, who would have made me laugh childishly if you had not been here? Nobody I guess and that why, God brought you forth to be in our lives and help us smile wide without worries. You are stubborn though and very very rude. I can still and vividly remember what to said to that girl, the one that ran to me crying. Lol.bit then, I still love you like that brotherly. Happy birthday big head, cheers!

OK, the house arrest that was placed on you have just been lifted up. You can not run around the neighborhood like a mad small boy, lol. You can now look for trouble as much as you like and then, chase Mr uche’s cute Lil girl around like a lady with no destination in life, lol. It’s your birthday dear brother, make the best out of it and have fun!

Right now I just feel like flogging the hell out of you you know. Flog out all the naughtiness of your previous days and years, flog out all your stubborn attitudes do that you will not delve into this new year with it, lol. But then, I can’t for today is a very special day in your life. Happy birthday my darling youngy, I hope you’d still smile like this for life.

And amazing brother I have and I know that. You are annoying Shaaa, very stubborn, unyielding and then arrogant. Like, why did God bring you down,lol.but despite all of this your annoying sides and attributes. You are still pretty amazing and then smart. And I am more than proud to have to have you as my brother. Happy birthday my sweetheart and brother, keep living baby boy!