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Our Birth days are to be celebrated every year, as it is the time you become older… It’s a moment you want to say a BIG THANKYOU to Almighty God for making you mark another birthday.

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Here You go| happy 16th birthday message

You just escaped 15 and it’s the immediate brother to 16 but then, it’s close enough and it’s typically clothed in teenhood l. But been 16 is a bit high and matured, lol. I watched you grow from been 10 and now, you are here’s my wish for a special girl like you, i wish you’d keep shining and that, you path onward will be clothed with emerald and silk. Happy birthday to my cutie who just wrapped up 16,age gracefully dear.

You just doubled 8 which means 16.well well, how amazing has the ride been for you?are you happy with where you are still? well,i bet that you,i just remembered our promise to make it to the beach this season and it’s still going to be. Happy birthday to you my,what time are we hitting the beach?

Hey, don’t struggle with your newly acquired age. Don’t hate it, don’t push it away, don’t reject it. Just accept it in love and believe that, it’ll bring you good and elevate you to a greater height. I don’t need to tell you to keep shining before you’d realize that, I mean well for you.still on still, it’s your day. Enjoy your day, happy 16th birthday girl

In love, gladness, sincerity, glamour, excitement, and pride I just want to wish you a happy birthday. 16 sure looks good on you and i hope that, your 22 will be simply amazing and very interesting. Happy birthday to my cutie who just turned 16.age gracefully my love and remember that,we got you straight up.

Hello girl, I am the angel that was sent to bring you your birthday package from heaven.i know that you must be surprised but it’s just a way of saying that, the Saints in heaven recognise you and your special know you got to keep shining for your 16th year looks lovely on you. Happy birthday dearie,you can open your package!
[12:45 PM, 11/21/2018] Chidimma Issac team: Lovable happy birthday mom cake

I still remember when your elder sister asked”what are you still doing with that man(that man is only father),just leave this children behind for him and leave his house”and I still remember what you said to her mother. How blessed are we to have you and look how favoured we have become becsue you are our patient mother, it’s about to be alright.Happy birthday dear mother and thank you!

you’ve cried more than you deserved and,you’ve suffered more than you deserved and still, there’s been no gratitude in all your sacrifices. But the most funniest thing is that, you still stood still qnd smiles away in the face of adversity and that’s why you never abandoned us. you are the most important thing to me and, you will always be my mother. Happy birthday mother !

you are a true African woman, born out of beauty and clothed with the cerqmel of honesty. You are the most awesome woman I know and the most amazing that the worl have ever produced. If I can be half of what you’ve been to us mother, then my home will never be in a mess. Today again is a mark of a true birth and I must confess that, it’s been an awesome year spent loving you.happy birthday mother

Hey mother listen, For all the times that you shut down your ears to negativity from the world and still held on.
For all those times you cleaned up after others just to be paid peanuts for our sake.
For all those times you fell ill and silently sorted it out, so we’d not break down with you.
For all this times mother and more of them, I just want to say “thank you for been the one to mother us and,thank you for holding us still and believing in us. Happy birthday mother!

I remember how I used to be amongst the one’s that made you cry,made you sick and confused. I remember how I used to be amongst the stubborn children that you had to endure but still,your mothers love never died away. Day by day you corrected me and adviced me, for all you want for me is a responsible life. Happy birthday mother Long life and a happy health I decree upon you today!