Amazing happy 36th birthday message

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Birth days are to be celebrated every year, as it is the time you become older… It’s a time you have to give thanks to The Lord God for making you see a new day.

Our Birth days is also a day to be marked with family and friends. How else should we start a Birthday, other than send or receive an Amazingly sweet happy 36th birthday message.

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Here You go| happy 36th birthday message

My jewel,my pride is 36 today. Yes you’re getting old but, you still remain the very pretty woman I married 10 years ago…you don’t need creams,eyes,face,neck or wrinkle creams to look good and younger…and the grey hairs?
They make you look even more prettier. I love you darling.
I love you quennie….
Hubby loves you!!

I’ll be here to massage your back darling,yes we got married late,but it doesn’t matter.. We’ll still make awesome children wife is 36 year older today…and the older we grow together,the stronger my love for you will be,I’ll be here for you on your 40th, 50th,60th,70th,80th,90th,100th birthday and many more years to come…I love you Honey.
I love you wifey…

“Best mother of the century award” is not enough to crown you with mum,you’re great,you’re my teacher,my bestfriend,my everything… You saw my worth when no else did mom.
Though on this day I do not silver or gold to present to you, but I’ll forever Love and cherish you mum..for keeping, for catering for me when my own father denied me Mummy… I’ll forever be grateful
Happy 36th birthday from your son.

Happy 36th birthday sister,though you’re getting older…but the beauty babes…the beauty is worth looking at..for now the best thing for you to do,is to eat alot of food…and sober up because you’ll have alot of work to do tomorrow…
Tomorrow’s Monday remember?
I love you.

Hey girlie…you look like you’re 18…I still find it hard to believe that you’re 36 already..
Because I’m your bestfriend… Your pretty and young face cannot deceive me…
You’re old…you are an old woman (smiles).
Ohhh don’t mind me…a lot of memories yeah?
But I still need us to make more…so stay alive for…
I’ll be here on your 100th