Sweetest Ever happy 70th birthday message

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Birth days are to be remembered each year, as it is the point you become older… It’s a day you wanna give appreciations to Almighty God for making you see a new day.

It is also a day to be cherished with family and friends. How else should we mark a Birthday, than receiving an adorable happy 70th birthday message.

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Here it is| happy 70th birthday message

A legacy you have imprinted in my heart and left it to be yearning in me. You still look handsome father, and If this is how it feels to be 70,then I can’t wait any longer to be married and live like you.hqppy birthday my father and friend, enjoy your new ride to 71

A father like no other you are, a mentor like no other I seeked for, and I got him in both a father and a friend. You have taught us so hard, what it means to be a real man and walk through the path of cleaneness and live straight.happy 70th birthday father,keep living!

Father, I called “How does it feel to be 70?. My father looked up,smiled at the heavens,let out q loud yawn and said “it feels great qnd I feel relieved knowing that, I have brought forth children that will remember to wish me a happy birthday and celebrate with me.he looked happy and fulfilled when he said that and,i believed him. Happy birthday father!

it takes dedication and consistency to build a man up. I guess that all this while you strolled through and became this successful, you have been consistent and never deviated from that path of consistency.i pray for more years to come to you Father, I pray that you will live to see us smile and become better just like you too. Happy 60th birthday father and I do wish that, all your wishes for us and for yourself will continue to be.

What more can I ask for other than to keep seeing you alive, what kind of man should I desire to be again other than the one that you are.you have not just been a father to me all this while, but a guardian too and a mentor.thank you for been my father and then again, happy 70th birthday my dear guardiqn angel and father.