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Your Birth day are to be remembered annually, as it is the point one gets a new age… It’s a day you want to give honour to God Almighty for making you be among the living.

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Sweet 8, Sweet mango. Happy birthday to my baby girl. 8 actually looks good on you and i hope that you’d be young like this forever. But then, the more you get older with me lol, is the more that we’d have a lot of fun and have so many adventures together. But if you remanin 8,we won’t have so much fun. Happy birthday baby, Have fun my love and keep living.

Hey you Derick, I hope you don’t turn out to be more troublesome. I hope you don’t grow up to be more than annoying and I hope that, you will not grow up to be chasing more girls other than me, lol. You were so immature while you lived as 5,but now I bet that you are growing towards maturity now that you are 8.i hope your 8th birthday brings to you so much joy and gladness. Happy birthday to my small headed Derick and I hope you have fun while you can dearie .

Been 6 and 7 and 7 again is a wacko. Been 10 and 11 and 12 is the real deal. I know all of this because I just grew past you, lol. Been 8 means that, you are stepping towards the age of no therefore, I’d help you invest your time well,so you will build an empire before you clock 20.Happy birthday to my sweet 8 year old, live large dearie

OK everybody, somebody just outsmarted his 7th chapter and his 8th was just opened for know it sucks to actually be 7 and really annoying when you wait for so long just to climb down to the next level. But I am so glad that you finally made it here, welcome bro and congratulations to your 14th year of survival . Happy birthday dearie and I hope that you will live longer than this. Let the Chase begin!

isn’t this day going to be fun filled for you? Ain’t you seeing the signs already from heaven that,an amazing chapter of your life has just been opened? Here is my wish for you today, I pray that you will soar higher above your mates more than an eagle, you shall never lack but will give massively to the society. You bake shall be wrtten in gold and you your existence will be wn inspiration for the society you live in. Happy birthday from mummy to you darling.