Amazingly Awesome happy birthday biker

Start the day by sending him/her this Amazingly Cute : happy birthday biker.

Your Birth day are to be remembered every year, as it is that period one gets a new age… It’s a moment you have to say a BIG THANKYOU to The Lord God for the grace to be alive.

Birth days is also a day to be marked with family and friends. What better way should we celebrate a Birthday, than sending an Amazingly Beautiful happy birthday biker.

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Here You go| happy birthday biker

Birthdays are meant to be remembered every year…as it is that period when one gets a new age…it’s a moment that I can not forget man..and it’s a moment you need to say a big thank you to God for being alive.
Happy birthday biker…

Heyyy biker….happy birthday to you, ride slowly and don’t die young…how can one be so talented, your biking skills are really amazing I must confess… Though I so hate I just did..
I wish you long live man!!

Hey manie,happy birthday to you… Today I’ll request you go on a ride with me,a little bit of contest?
I really want to know if you’re truly the best biker around here…though I have a gift for you, but it will be given to you after the contest!

Happy birthday biker…easy on your today’s ride yeah?
Don’t want the age you just clocked today to be used on your grave…
You’re talented man!!
Use those talents wisely…
Keep riding man!! Keep shining…
I love you friend(coach)

To best female biker, I say a happy birthday… You’re talent filled girlie…I wish you your heart desires on this day,I also wish you good health..
You will achieve your dreams best friend… I love you, and wish you well in all your doings