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Birth days are to be remembered annually, as it is the time you get a new age… It’s a day you wanna give thanks to God Almighty for making you mark another birthday.

Our Birth days is also a day to be celebrated with family and friends. What better way should we mark a Birthday, other than receiving or sending an Amazingly sweet happy birthday boss.

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Here You go| happy birthday boss

I am proud to have an understanding boss like you, a boss who knows the true value of friendship, a boss who checks up on his friends, I boss who cars an loves with his body and soul. A true boss and an adoring leader. Today as I celebrate you, I pray that you’d continue to grow daily she elevate above all your mates. Happy birthday boss, keep slaying!

To my boss and a dear mentor, I am wishing a very splendid and amazing birthday are kind and beyond compassionate and for that alone,the world sings your praises and a daily bases. You have advices and showed me the way to follow and that is why, I will not go astray as long as you are there. As you celebrate today, I pray that amazing things follow you and that, you shall not lack any good thing amen. Happy birthday boss!

As you step an drive into your new age, I believe I faith that you are stepping towards greatness and abundant shower of goodwill form above. You have proven yourslef worthy of been called my boss and that alone to me is, unique. I am celebrating with you today because of you are special. Happy birthday boss, enjoy!

Many have been learned because you and many have established their empires because of someone like you.he who have a friend like you, have been given the greatest gift ever. And I am glad that I got lucky enough to be given the opportunity to know someone like you. As you celebrate this day, o just want to tell you on writing that, you are amazing.happy birthday to my boss!

You are an icon and a true blood of the Spartans. The family is proud to have someone like you, someone who puts others first before thinking about his won self. Someone whose most itching thouggts is how to better the loves of others, without consideration to his own problems. You are a brave and courageous and that is why I chosed you.thqbk you for been an amazing news to me all this while, happy birthday to you boss, enjoy your day!