Enchanting happy birthday cousin male

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Birth days are to be celebrated yearly, as it is the time you get a new age… It’s a day you have to give thanks to Almighty God for making you see a new day.

Our Birth days is also a day to be shared with your friends & people you love. What better way should we celebrate a Birthday, than receiving an Amazingly Beautiful happy birthday cousin male.

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Here You go| happy birthday cousin male

A cousin like you is above all  gifts,. Thank you for being a movitation and an inspiration. Have an Amazing birthday and  keep been a legend.

I need a bigger word than blessing to describe you! We are happy every day to have some one like you as family . Happy birthday, we love you bro.

To my favorite cousin, having you is a great source of joy and happiness. Happy Birthday and May all your wishes come true. Keep Leading and Avoid Procastination

If only I will have the power to make people immortal, We would certainly live forever together. Happy belated birthday to you my beloved cousin.

its a New Chapter of your Life Bro, I wish you Long Life, Wealth and Prosperity. Now Go make me Proud. Happy Birthday

Blessed is the day you were born, You have been my mentor, brother, cousin and like a dad. today is undoubtably the best time to be happy. You need to be Celebrated. Happy Birthday king.

To my dear cousin, recall that every birthday will stamp the end of one year and open the chapters of a new year, You just stamped off Sadness, Sorrow, Anger and Opened the Chapters of Happiness, Love and joy. Live Longer Bro. Happy Birthday