Charming happy birthday for him

Put a smiles on his/her face with this Cute : happy birthday for him.

Your Birth day are to be cherished yearly, as it is the time you get a new age… It’s that day you want to give appreciations to God Almighty for keeping you alive.

It is also a day to be shared with friend and loved ones. What better way should we celebrate a Birthday, other than send or receive an Amazingly sweet happy birthday for him.

Find below some Cutest Ever happy birthday for him and Don’t fail to clone or copy it and send to The adorable person…Just Copy it! ✌(-‿-)✌

Believe Me! You have no idea how this noble message will show them you care. You will always be in their heart and you ‘d be admired by them perpetually.

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| happy birthday for him

Imagine the world without colours, that’s how my life would have been without you pumpkin. You are my colour,you beautify my life…I love you so much darling happy birthday.

Just like the sun brightens the day,and moon and stars light up the dark,so does your love brightens my life…can I call you Sirius cause you’re my brightest star..happy birthday my love.

To my special someone that loves me unconditionally despite all my flaws and imperfections (flat ass,big nose etc LOL) I just wanted to take today to thank you…. Thanks for loving me babes.

You’re my strength and at the same time my weakness. My heart roars at the glance of your face, your eyes are so beautiful that I can’t look away and the way you look at me….ohhh lord!!
You’re so handsome and at the same time cute babes. I love you so much,happy birthday.

Yes I have loved so many,but I have never been in love,I never thought of being in love until the day I met you, you’re the only one…
Happy birthday my lover.

If I was asked to change anything about you, I would never change a thing that you’re… You’re perfect the way you are… Happy birthday babes.

At times I wonder how all my flurries and problems disappear when you hold me in your arms…with you I feel save and comfortable.
Happy birthday my better half… it couldn’t be anyone else,you’re the best boyfriend ever…

You’re Virgo and I a Gemini… I want to kiss you vehemently because I’m in love with you and very blessed and happy to have you in my life…I was afraid of falling in love,but now that I’m in love,I’m scared of losing you.. Don’t ever leave me…I bless God and mum for you. Happy birthday sugar.