Cute happy birthday godmother

Before you call her/him, just send this Cute : happy birthday godmother.

Birth days are to be honoured annually, as it is that period you get a new age… It’s that day you wanna give thanks to God Almighty for preserving your life.

Birth days is also a day to be cherished with family and friends. How else should we celebrate a Birthday, other than receiving an Amazingly Awesome happy birthday godmother.

Here is some pretty-pretty happy birthday godmother nevertheless Please don’t ask me if you can copy or steal it and send to that special someone…Go ahead n copy! ✌(-‿-)✌

Accept my Assurance! You have no idea how this noble show of love would get them mesmerized. You will be forever in their heart and you ‘d be loved by them until/to the end of time.

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Here it is| happy birthday godmother