Sweetest Ever happy birthday humor

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Your Birth day are to be marked once a year, as it is that period you get a new age… It’s a time you want to give thanks to The Lord God for keeping you alive.

Birth days is also a day to be cherished with friend and loved ones. How else should we start a Birthday, other than sending an Amazingly cute happy birthday humor.

Here is some cute happy birthday humor nevertheless Don’t Hesitate to clone or copy it and send to that special someone…Just Copy it! *wink*

Accept my Assurance! You have no idea how this inexpensive gesture would show them you care. You would be forever in their head and you ‘d be cherished by them until/to the end of time.

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Here it is| happy birthday humor

I will just tell the angels not to listen to your silent prayers anymore, if you annoy me again, lol. I begged God for a good friend and he decided to give me a nasty fellow like you,but who am I to reject his offering you know, laughs. It is your awesome day my dear little kitten and I hope you have a much Fun as your stomach can carry. Happy birthday sweetheart!

OK, here is a wish that is humour filed and brilliant.
Don’t chase girls anymore
Don’t sleep with any today
Don’t even look at any
I’d be watching you from afar
Dot Even think that you can outsmart me now
Happy birthday darling,i hoe that your day is filled with glamour and so humour like me. Have fun!

To a big headed friend, I want to say a big happy birthday to you. If you like run deep and wide looking of where to hide, I’d still chase you like a drenched little kitten and pour you this hot water. No, warm water. No, cold water.it is your birthday darling.but first of all, come and collect your hot water.

Come here Smally, kneel down and raise your hands up. Repeat after me now and say,dear lord, I think you for my life an all you’ve done for me lately. I know that I have been undeserving of you love but then, thank you for still keeping me. Amen.ok now, stand up and come and rub this annointing oil on your forehead,lol.don’t mind me joor,happy birthday superman!

An awesome freind like you, but yet very troublesome. I remember when that man nearly slapped the hell out of you,if not for me Shaaa. You would have still been in the hospital and we’d be bringing your birthday gifts there. You are one hell of a friend,very crazy and equally naughty
But I am still holding that we understand our craziness still. Happy birthday my true colour. Cheers love and bravo to sweet frienships like yours!