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Birth days are to be honoured yearly, as it is the time one gets a new age… It’s that day you wanna give appreciations to God Almighty for keeping you alive.

Birth days is also a day to be cherished with family and friends. What better way should we mark a Birthday, other than receiving or sending an Amazingly Awesome happy birthday husband funny.

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Here it is| happy birthday husband funny

Do you now play with paints?, You got white hair on your head boy, Oh, You just got one year old. Happy Birthday My Love

Can We Do this Everyday?, i want to always show you how much i love and celebrate you, Your Number One Fan I mean Your Wife. Happy Birthday

Get a Time Machine, We have to go back in time, i want to make sure we are given birth to on the same day. We share almost everything, Birthdays should be inclusive, Happy Birthday Dear

Aww, look at you, Cute grey hairs, I guess i would Sign you up to the greyhair Club. Happy Birthday Darling

Lots of candles!, Don’t Worry, We aint gonna burn the house, We just want to burn all of our sorrows, Happy Birthday Dear