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Your Birth day are to be marked each year, as it is that period you become older… It’s a moment you want to give honour to God Almighty for preserving your life.

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Hey my dear bestfriend, I appreciate the fact that you are my dearest bestfriend and that you chosed me still just like I chosed you.i appreciate the fact that you are special and unique and understand me perfectly well and that is why, I can not let you go out of my sight just like that. It’s been two years between us and see are still here looking out for me and, making sure that we keep on touch. I feel like you were created just for me, just to be my bestfriend and just to help me glow.

You have been not just a friend to me but my special adviser. In love and encouragement you have held me up, in caution and an open mind you have shown me love ghats above all. I love your open mindedness, I love your sincerity, I love how you understand me and listen to my every thoughts like you own them too,i love how you’ve kept our friendship alive and moving till this day.happy birthday to you my darling bestfriend, your good heart is inevitable.

The one thing I love about you is that, you are strong hearted and a risk taker. And that, your love for your friends and humanity kept you growing differently. I am glad that you chosed me as your besty and that, you have made it your duty to be my guardian angel still. Your ambitious heart and undefearijg spirit have taken you to so many places and left open for you doors, that others have searched for daily but never found.i pray that this day will keep you shining differently still and that, you will never lack good things.

Dear bestfriend, I hope you know that you are not allowed to keep another bestfriend just like you keeping me. The thing is that I am jealous and cannot share you with another, I am sensitive and cannot stand to see you out of my sight for more than 24hours. Those who do not understand how we’ve loved and defended each other will think that we are lesbians but, you have become to me a sister that my mother never gave me and that’s why I am addicted to you and have come to love you. I hope guy this day, your birthday will bring to you so much joy and gladness like you brought to me. Keep living bestfriend.

Life will not always bring to us what we want. Life will sometimes take away all that we have and, leave us with less than we deserve. I know that you have always been a fighter and that you will keep fighting your way through,i know that you cannot give up easily on the things that you want and that is why, you are still my bestfriend because you are strong. I just want to let you know that you can always count on me, whatever it is that you need,you can count on me and i’d do all of I can just to see you smile. Happy birthday my dearest heart, let today leave a song on your lips that you’d sing forever.happy birthday girl!