Amazingly Beautiful happy birthday images for mommy

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Birth days are to be celebrated once a year, as it is the point one gets a new age… It’s a moment you wanna give thanks to Almighty God for making you mark another birthday.

Your Birth day is also a day to be shared with family and friends. How else should we mark a Birthday, than sending an Amazingly Awesome happy birthday images for mommy.

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Here it is| happy birthday images for mommy

The Bible says “he who findeth a wife finds a good thing. And I am saying that, he who God has given a good hearted mother just like you, have been given the best thing ever.happy birthday to the world’s most amazing mum.

I can never forget for a second all you’ve done for us mother,and all you’ve been through just to make sure that we feed for the is your birthday again mother, and I hope it becomes filled more and more with amazing grace and freshness. Happy birthday mother.

Where should I drive you to? Would you like a ride in a limousine or a ride in a jet. Would you love to visit the beach in tsunami or the old country house in Los Angeles.tell me what your wishes for your birthday is mother and I’d make your dreams come true.just like your daily corrections made my dreams come true. Happy birthday mother, you are truly a great woman.

You said you’d never let us fall, you said you will always stand by us. You said you will never abandon us to the cold hands of death and you said again “I will be both a father and a mother to you all for that is how much I love you”.what should I whisper to your ears now? How should I describe how special you are to the world? Your birthday is here again and it is never going to be ordinary because your love for us was not ordinary. Happy birthday my first love, my dear mother.

Stand beside me mother, let’s make The wish together.blow the candle light away, let the angels see that you are truly happy because you have lived a well fulfilled life.i can’t thank you enough mother and I will always be right here beimside you to celebrate your special days with you. Happy 100th birthday mother, may your hairs never turn grey In a moment.