Sweetest Ever happy birthday mom

Make a heart melt with this Adorable : happy birthday mom.

Birth days are to be remembered yearly, as it is the point you get a new age… It’s a time you have to give appreciations to Your God for keeping you alive.

It is also a day to be shared with family and friends. How else should we celebrate a Birthday, other than receiving or sending an Amazingly Beautiful happy birthday mom.

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Dear mother,you are the sweetest nut on that pond tree and I know that, a lot of humans know that too. I guess that your beginning must have been simply amazing for Even in old age,you are still awesome.i am greatly to God for still keeping you alive and then, makong us celebrate this day together. Congratulations mother, you just made it to a new chapter. Happy birthday mother

Oh sweet mother, what would have become of me of you have abanoned me to the world. What would have become of me of you hadn’t provided all my daily needs. What would have become of me if, you hadn’t been carved out to be my mother. Oh sweet mother it’s your day and for ages, we still celebrate this day with you. Happy birthday mum, cheer!

Here is a surprise for you mother, the same surprise package you got for me on my birthday. I just want to let you know mother that you are all I am living for right now because, you gave me life,air,hope and the spirit of endurance. And I just wonder what would have become of me, if you hadn’t been here. It’s your birthday mother, enjoy it to the fullest!

Do you want wings to fly mother? Fly away to the heavens and then come back to us after you done having fun.what exactly should I get for you mother, that’d tell your worth and make the world understand how much you’ve done for us. Happy birthday to the woman thy carried me for 9months without breaking down. Happy birthday mother and cheers!

I pray that you’d not grow old too soon
I pray that you’d not leave us too soon
I pray that you’d stay and grow long grey hairs and freckles
I pray that you’d be alive to carry our children and then tell them the story of what your childhood looks like
I pray that you’d be accepted In the sight of God mother for truly, you are an emerald and a symbol of emulation. Happy birthday to my mother, you are love itself and I’d not wish for nothing else.