Lovely happy birthday princess

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Birth days are to be cherished each year, as it is that period one gets a new age… It’s a moment you have to give honour to Almighty God for keeping you alive.

It is also a day to be shared with your friends & people you love. How else should we mark a Birthday, other than send or receive an adorable happy birthday princess.

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Here it is| happy birthday princess

Brighter than the sun you shine. Sweeter than perfumes you fume. Finer than ten women you are, clearer than shades you glow. You never did your light for any and that’s why, you still shine brightly. You are truly and indeed s princess with no comparison and, your crowb suits no body else other than you.its your day yeah and, I am among your well-wishes from a distance. Happy birthday my are so beautiful I must confess and I pray that, you’d continue to shine still.

What can I say to you right now that has not been said to you before. What will I type to you right now, that you’ve not read somewhere before? You are royalty itself, the river of love flowers through your veins, the citadel of liberation rests on your shoulders and then, you are just so original and unique. Who would not want a taste of what you have, who wouldn’t want to ride through life with you, don’t you knownthag you are beautiful princess? A happy birthday I wish you and a take of love, I bring to your doorstep. Happy birthday cheers!

You must be special, maybe that’s why you’ve been crowned a princess. Your father must be a king, and your mother a true queen of humanity. Maybe, just maybe that’s why humanity recognised you too. Truly you’ve stood and defended your name and status,you’ve shown all if us the virtues that a true princess is supposed to acquire and we are glad that the mantle fell on you. It’s your day, please enjoy it in peace and don’t let nobody talk you out of going crazy.happy birthday once again princess!

On special days like this, the world becomes confused about what to do and what not to do so that it would not spoil the happiness on tour face. Hey, what’s your biggest fantasy princess? Where do you want to travel to? Where do you want to visit? Just make your wish and I’d make your dreams come true. Last year we celebrated together and it’s here again today. Happy belated birthday to you princess am done hooe that, your dreams for yourself comes true. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Come ye one, come ye all. Come ye one with your gongs and all, come ye all with your fine cloths and food for today is a celebration of life for the princess.come ye all to celebrate and jubiliate with her, come along with your rubbies and all your gold. Or, is she not worth it? Come along qnd wish her good health and all, prosperity and love. Long life and wealth. Happy birthday to the princess of our time. You are indeed an icon to be emulated!