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Birth days are to be celebrated each year, as it is the time you get a new age… It’s a time you want to say a BIG THANKYOU to God Almighty for making you see a new day.

Our Birth days is also a day to be marked with friend and loved ones. How else should we mark a Birthday, than receiving or sending an Amazingly Beautiful happy birthday sexy man.

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Why did you not become a woman, don’t you know that you are as sexy and charming as a younggie? Now I am tempted to keep staring at your sexy man build, but then I’ll still remember to still say “happy birthday sexy man, stay sexier still!

You are beautiful as a woman my dear handsome friend and you know it. but then, what more can I do other than admire and stare my eyes out on your sexy body. Happy birthday sexy man, I hope that your slay more and win more in all sexiness.

Even at 40,you still look better and more adorable than the sweet 20.God,this is a fabulous distraction and I won’t hide it any longer. But before I start to admire, I want to say Happy birthday sexy man and remain young forever.

What’s the perfect gift befitting a sexy beautiful man like you?no,this is no flatter but the truth.may this day bring to you only goodies and may it, forever keep that beautiful smile on your face in place.happy birthday sexy!

You radiate glamour wherever you go and that to me, is sexy.i am glad that you made it to this chapter of your life story and I am equally glad that, I am still here to wish you a happy birthday again. Happy beautiful birthday sexy man, have fun!